Storm Damage Safety

As Greater Boston heads into another snowy season, BTSE wants to help ensure your safety by recognizing potential hazards caused by storm-damaged trees.

Most importantly - wait until the storm has passed before assessing your landscape and damaged trees.

If there are obvious signs of damage (broken branches, fallen trees, hanging limbs, splintered trunks), call BTSE or an Accredited tree care service for assistance.  Certified Arborists can help assess your trees and potential hazards.

When it's time to begin storm cleanup, be safe and avoid injury. Here are a few safety tips:

First, if a utility line is down:

•Do not approach the area.  Assume any downed line is energized.  Contacting energized lines can result in electrocution.

•Be aware downed power lines can be hidden in brush and foliage.  If you see a wire, play it safe and call your utility provider or a licensed electrician.

•Avoid touching anything near downed lines and make sure nobody else goes near.

Second, when deciding whether to try removing a damaged tree or branch yourself:

Do not use a chain saw unless you have experience and proper safety apparel.   Even professionals risk injury using power saws.

•Consider all the possibilities before you begin any cutting and know what to expect.

•Carefully inspect the tree and surrounding area for anything - utility lines, structures, vehicles, shrubs - that might interfere with the removal.

•Look for other people in the area, particularly children wandering near the drop zone.

•Plan an escape route from the area before cutting.

•Even small trees bent under tension can be extremely hazardous.  Do not cut wood that is under tension.

•If the work requires you to leave the ground, call a tree care professional.  Do not attempt tree work from a ladder.

Whether you choose work with Barrett Tree Service East or another firm, for your protection, hire an Accredited tree care service with the experience, expertise, and equipment to properly care for your damaged trees.  Tree Care Industry Association Accredited companies are required to follow ANSI Z133 Arboricultural Safety and ANSI A300 Tree Care Management Standards.  Don't hire someone with a chainsaw who knocks on your door.

If you’re not comfortable assessing your trees or have doubts, contact Barrett Tree Service East to discuss options with a Certified Arborist.

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