Emergency Response and Aerial Rescue

Barrett Tree Service East is committed to fostering a culture of safety. Accidents are often prevented through conscious recognition of potential hazards and diligent efforts to avoid them. Yet it takes only one moment or unexpected event for an accident to happen. Because of this, every field employee at BTSE is trained in first aid, CPR and aerial rescue.

Aerial rescue is of the upmost importance within the tree care industry. It is the one situation that every arborist hopes they will never encounter but must be properly trained and prepared for at all times. Practicing rescues helps prevent potential problems faced in actual emergency situations. Our arborists regularly practice and rehearse rescue scenes, so if an incident occurs we are prepared and can act decisively.

Aerial rescue practices are held in in a controlled environment for maximum safety where tree care workers become familiar with many different scenarios and ways in which these situations are best dealt with for smooth, quick and safe rescues.

Workers must be trained to assess the emergency situation and make decisions based on the circumstances, the victim’s perceived condition, and the help that may be available. Accidents are no time for panic. Education, training, and practice help workers handle emergencies more safely and efficiently.

The ability to respond swiftly and safely to save a life depends on keeping a cool head, having the proper knowledge and being prepared. Our proactive emergency preparedness program helps make BTSE arborists more aware of potential hazards and prevent accidents.

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