ANSI A300 Standards

Barrett Tree Service East follows industry-accepted practices, based on the latest research, when crafting recommendations helping care for your property and safety.  In addition to providing instruction for our arborists, the ANSI A300 is the basis for writing accurate tree work specifications. The Tree Care Industry Association ( and the International Society of Arboriculture ( partnered with the American National Standards Institute ( in developing the ANSI A300 standards for the tree care industry.  Like architectural blueprints, the A300 specifications help outline tree work to be performed.

ANSI A300 standards provide a guide for arborists writing tree maintenance specifications so homeowners will know exactly what work is to be performed on their trees before they contract with a company.  The A300 provides definitions and tree care maintenance standards for all aspects of health management, including proper pruning, fertilization and preservation of trees.  The A300 requires the use of certain tools, cutting techniques and pruning methods be followed and sets the standard definitions used in written proposals.

Pruning types defined by the ANSI A300 include:

  • Crown cleaning – removal of non-beneficial dead, diseased, &/or broken branches.

  • Crown thinning – reducing density of live branches throughout the crown.

  • Crown raising – selective pruning to provide clearance.

  • Crown reduction – decreasing tree height &/or canopy spread.

  • Crown restoration – redeveloping structure and form of a damaged canopy.

Adhering to the ANSI A300 standard ensures tree care professionals will not:

  • Leave branch stubs

  • Make flush cuts or remove branch collars

  • Top trees or lion’s tail limbs

  • Use wound or tree paint

  • Remove more than 25 percent of the total tree foliage in a single year

Care for your trees and protect yourself, trees and property.  As a TCIA Accredited company, BTSE performs all work to ANSI A300 standards and provides clients with specifications written accordingly.  Our tree care professional and certified arborists have years of experience working according to the A300.  Barrett Tree Service East has the qualifications, knowledge and equipment to safely and properly care for your trees.

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