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Our team at Barrett Tree Service East specializes in caring for trees, plants and lawns.

We pair current science and technology with experienced, knowledge plant professionals to provide sustainable and effective solutions.

We specialize in preservation and provide care for all types of trees and landscapes.

Our clients have trusted our expertise and commitment to providing quality service for more than 15 years. Read the reviews and find out why.

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The Best Ways to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Simply put, regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your trees are healthy, safe and beautiful and we have the resources to deliver exactly what your property needs. 

Our Medford tree services include:

  • Pruning: Cleaning trees of dead or diseased limbs can limit diseases, allow leaves to absorb more sunlight, present storm damage, reduce the risk of damage, and improve their appearance.
  • Cabling: Hardware can help strengthen weak branch unions, which can prevent breaking and resulting damage or injury. 
  • RemovalSometimes tree removals are necessary and it is important to have professionals perform removals safely and efficiency.
  • Stump grinding: Effectively turning a formerly unusable area into one that can be reseeded or replanted.

If you are unsure about what your trees might need, consult with our arborists for informed recommendations to meet your needs.

Trusted Experts for Lawn and Plant Care 

Not only are we tree care experts in Medford, our team has years of training and experience for anything from improving soil quality to reducing the impact of insects and diseases through targeted treatments.

For over 15 years we have worked on all types of properties tailoring solutions to the specific needs of the plants. If you seek an individualized approach, you can trust our team. Find out more about the techniques we use to by visiting our plant health care page. For those who want to improve their lawns sustainably, visit our lawn care page.

We are eager to help you! Call us at (617) 344-9964 or reach out online. 


Commonly Asked Questions

What are the benefits of professional tree pruning in Medford?

Professional tree pruning in Medford offers numerous benefits, including the removal of dead or diseased limbs to limit the spread of diseases, enhanced sunlight absorption for leaves, prevention of storm damage, reduced risk of property damage, and overall improvement in the tree's appearance. Proper pruning ensures your trees remain healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

How does cabling help maintain the health of my trees?

Cabling is a technique used to support weak branch unions in trees. By installing hardware, cabling can prevent branches from breaking, which in turn reduces the risk of damage to property or injury to people. This preventive measure is a crucial part of maintaining the structural integrity and safety of your trees.

When is tree removal necessary and how is it handled in Medford?

Tree removal in Medford is necessary when a tree is dead, diseased beyond recovery, or poses a safety hazard. It's crucial to have tree removals performed by professionals who can ensure the process is carried out safely and efficiently, minimizing any potential harm to people or surrounding property.

What are the advantages of stump grinding in Medford?

Stump grinding in Medford turns the remnants of a tree stump into mulch, effectively clearing the area and making it usable again. This process allows for the space to be reseeded or replanted, enhancing the aesthetic and functional use of your property. It's an essential step in fully removing a tree and reclaiming the landscape.

How can I determine what tree services my property in Medford needs?

If you're uncertain about the tree services your property in Medford requires, consulting with professional arborists is the best course of action. They can provide informed recommendations based on a thorough assessment of your trees' health and your property's specific needs, ensuring that you receive the most appropriate and beneficial services.

Don't Take Our Word For it Check Out Our Reviews

  • “Alden and his team at Barrett Tree Service did an exceptional job as certified arborists to return a number of specimen trees and bushes back to balanced, attractive, and healthy plantings.” - Gail L.
  • “I've been extremely happy with Barrett Tree Service and they will continue to get my business. The climbers are great. Sales is great and so is the front office. It's practically frictionless. Good people who know what they are doing.” - Jeff B.
  • “They always do a good cleanup job after they are finished trimming.” - Leslie B.
  • “The team did the work efficiently and was very friendly, despite the pouring rain that day. Would definitely call Alden and his team again for any tree work we need!” - Anne L.
  • “The folks at Barrett are a pleasure to work with. I have recommended them to family and friends and all have had good experiences.” - Jean B.
  • “A tree and its stump needed to be removed in order to repair a fence. Barrett did a wonderful job. The tree was down quickly and the crew was very responsive. We will be using them for all of our future tree care needs.” - Laura R.
  • “The entire crew was friendly, and professional, and did a great job of cleaning up when the work was completed.” - Norman
  • “They always do an excellent job, leave the space clean when they are done and are super friendly and professional.” - Maria L.

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