Sensible Plant Health Care

Barrett Tree Service East is committed to seeking out the most effective and environmental sounds pest control materials to manage insects and diseases.  Our plant health care program goals are to keep plants in balance with nature. Recent research and development created a variety of environmentally sensitive products which are very selective, targeting only specific pests, while preserving beneficial organisms. As an added benefit, these low-impact materials often provide better pest control results than traditional methods.

Many of these new pesticides are derived from a variety of naturally occurring sources, such as bacteria and fungi, as well as from chemical analogs of natural biochemicals, such as pheromones and insect growth regulators. The latest generations of pesticides offer environmentally sound and effective controls with little or no impact on non-target organisms.

Proper maintenance practices keep plant vigorous and healthy, thereby reducing their susceptibility to insects and disease pathogens which are opportunistic and seek out weak plants. When problems arise and a pesticide is warranted, we select the best control method available using the proper dosage at precisely the right time.

Taking a proactive and informed approach allows responsibly manage insect and disease control problems and aligns with our commitment to foster a culture of safety.  BTSE recognizes and embraces the tremendous responsibility we have to our clients, our employees, and our environment.

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