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Supporting a Culture of Safety


Tree care is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country and Barrett Tree Service East is committed to fostering a culture of safety.

A safe environment for employees, clients, and the general public is imperative. Through our established training programs, BTSE has developed safe work practices designed to continually educate our staff and prevent accidents. We consider safety an attitude requiring conscious recognition of potential hazards and the knowledge to overcome potentially dangerous situations.

We strive to remain constantly focused on safety. One of the ways we reinforce this mentality is through weekly company-wide safety meetings. Our safety educational programs seek to provide our employees with the tools and information needed to improve safety and professionalism on the jobsite, while complying with national requirements and industry standards. These programs are full of useful practical information specific to arboriculture.

We require our employees to participate in a new-hire orientation program, pre-employment drug screening, as well as random drug testing. Training is available to support advancing employees to the highest levels of performance and we provide our employees with the latest in tools and equipment.

Additionally, we offer safety support through:

  • A written safety policy & manual

  • Specialized training in the safe and efficient operation of industry-specific tools and equipment

  • Maintaining Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals on staff

  • Weekly company-wide safety meetings

  • Crew and job-site safety inspections by safety specialists

  • Quarterly Emergency Response and Aerial Rescue Training

  • Annual CPR & First Aid training

  • Annual Electrical Hazard Awareness training

BTSE’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all our employees and client’s has found our safety program helps to reduce work-related injuries while increasing efficiency. Our clients can be assured that working with us ensures a safe, professional job site operated by highly skilled, professional arborists.