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Dormant Season Tree Care


The dormant season in Greater Boston is an ideal time for tree care and pruning. Dormancy is the period in autumn after the leaves have fallen to right before new growth emerges in the spring.

There’s a variety of practical benefits performing tree care during this biologically quiet time.

  • Without the substantial weight of the foliage, arborists can quickly evaluate tree structure to readily make informed pruning decisions.

  • Cold temperatures, firm ground and dormant perennials often increase equipment access and efficiency.

  • Research shows pruning wounds often close faster than those made during summer months.

  • Pruning during the dormant season can minimize the risk of some disease insect issues.

  • In our experience, trees respond to dormant pruning.

Dormant tree care performed during the winter can provide great benefits to your trees and value to you. If you haven’t reviewed your trees recently, go take a look and think about creating a plan to manage their safety, health, and aesthetics.