Our Approach
Our goal is to keep plants in balance with nature. Proper maintenance practices keep plants vigorous and healthy, often reducing susceptibility to insects and diseases. We work closely with our clients to determine which aspects of their landscape are particularly important. Our Plant Health Care programs are tailored to meet individual client needs and promote plant health through targeted and responsible methods. From organic to traditional, we have multiple options available to address most nutrient, insect or disease issues encountered.

BTSE seeks out innovative and effective products to manage insects and diseases problems. When a pesticide is required, we employ the best strategy available, using the right dosage at precisely the right time. In addition to addressing specific insect or disease issues, our Certified Arborists consider multiple factors when crafting control recommendations unique to the property, target pest, host plants and individual client goals.

BTSE is committed to staying current with the latest research, emerging trends and management strategies. Our Certified Arborists maintain their credentials through ongoing education and all applicators are licensed annually by the Commonwealth. We continually invest in our equipment, knowledge and employees. Established relationships with research universities, diagnostic laboratories and industry experts aid us in providing responsible recommendations to best care for your landscape plants.

ActiveCare Program
Our ActiveCare Plant Health Care Program provides unique options for those seeking alternatives to traditional treatment programs. ActiveCare focuses on healthy plants, not pests, and is based on three components: inventory, monitoring and intervention. A landscape inventory includes a systematic evaluation of overall plant condition which allows many potential issues to be anticipated. Since early detection often prevents larger problems, monitoring consists of ongoing seasonal site visits to carefully examine a myriad of plant and environmental conditions. Unlike traditional programs, ActiveCare relies on consistent monitoring of pest populations and controls are utilized only when and where necessary to protect plant health.